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The electric boat that makes sense!

Boating is about enjoyment and good times, so why don’t we expand our perspective a bit and make it all even more comprehensive? By taking relaxed excursions, looking at the beautiful landscape – and listening to nothing but the sounds of the nature.

Bella Zero can make all that a reality; it is a fully electric boat allowing you to actually hear the sound of the waves, the song of birds and the splashes in the water as the fish swim by.

Life is good on a Bella Zero, and the electric boating experience as natural as it can get. Knowing that it can all happen without noise and pollution, on the terms of the environment and at an affordable price adds further value to it.

It makes sense.

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Length 6,30 m
Width 2,45 m
5 - 7 knots. Max. 11 kn
Draft 0,50 м
Engine 96V DC, IP67 class, CE certified
Battery  Lithium-Ion, 96V / 270 Ah, 25,9 kWh
Power h.p.
30 - 50
  - CE Category


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