The boatbuilding in the small Swedish town of Orust dates back to 1100.

Even the Vikings used the natural harbor of Kungsviken and the rich woodlands to build boats. Since 1900, the planned production of boats and ships of hundreds of all sizes and types has begun.

One of them, Oscar Arvidson, with his son Bernd, is also starting to build sailing yachts. At the end of 1960, Bernd, together with his colleague Torvald Carlson, decided to hire the renowned designer Ole Enderlein to begin the design of a stable 33-34 foot cruiser of exceptional quality and spacious interior, with sufficient ventilation area, deep keel and powerful engine and with good design!

The end result and the increased maneuverability of the yacht thanks to the removal of the long keel and the inclusion of an additional rudder, was news during this time, was more than positive!

Today NAJADs are renowned for their uninterrupted design, exceptional stability and the professionalism with which they are produced. Owning a NAJAD is not only a prestige, but a sign of a good and reasonable investment. There are currently 7 model sailing yachts from 37 to 57 feet with all options available.

Welcome on board!

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