We are a Norwegian motorboat manufacturer known for our modern craftsmanship, motorboat longevity and impeccable designs. Over four decades have passed since the first Marex motorboat was launched in Norway. The original Marex boatyard was established in 1973 in Grimstad, a small town on the south coast of Norway. The founder of Marex and General Manager for over 20 years was Eyvin Aalrud. Soon after being established Marex boatyard become a success thanks to the farsightedness of Eyvin. Marex has remained a family company, gradually becoming one of the most solid European boat manufacturers in a very volatile business.The company is today owned and run by two sons of the founder – Espen and Thomas. Both brothers were born into the Boat industry and have been driven by boundless passion for boats and the family business since they took over in 1989. This has been achieved through excellent leadership and consistent investment in advanced boat building technology.

Today Marex Boats is stronger and bigger than ever, with its’ dealer network spanning all over the world. Marex is known all over Europe for its’ modern craftsmanship, longevity and design. The proof of this is all the International Awards and Commendations Marex has received over the last decade in the national and international arena.

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