Founded in 1978 in Peniche (Portugal), Fibramar quickly established itself as an important boat builder geared to leisure and sport fishing.

In 1990 the company moved to the Industrial Zone of Vale do Grou occupying new facilities with 2500 square meters of covered area and increasing it’s capacity of production.
To follow this change, Fibramar became a registered trademark and its models CE certified, further enhancing their prestige.
With the experience acquired over the years and in order to follow the evolution of the demanding naval sector, the range of models available was increased and renewed. Fibramar currently manufactures 23 models of boats ranging from 2,30 to 9 meters using only local skilled labor.
The sale of the production is carried nationally by about 20 agents that are able to provide all the after sales service backed by the factory that gives a 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.
The success of Fibramar is growing specially in the international markets, where Fibramar is present through dealers in Spain, France, England and Switzerland and other countries.

The company produces their boats in glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). Contrary to the trend of automation, building is effected manually since the rolling up to the finishing details. This way we proceed to the development of the various phases of production with special care. The attention that is given at each step allows since the beginning of the construction we can make the customizations that meet the individual needs of each client.

The effort of the technical team with decades of experience has led to associate the brand Fibramar a reputation for robustness and reliability. These professionals are continually seeking ways to improve the products and improve manufacturing processes in order to maximize the results. All materials used satisfy a high standard of quality.
The Fibramar’s models have CE certificate, respecting the requirements of stability and buoyancy of the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU.
Currently we don’t use wood or plywood on the structure of the boats.
These factors are the commitment of the highest quality and have guaranteed a growing success of Fibramar, especially in the international markets.
The classic and elegant lines combine with a high performance, stability and security in order to create an ideal boat for recreation, fishing and other water activities.

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