7 Jan 2023



The Marex range has scooped armfuls of awards over the years and it feels as though every ounce of its boat design knowledge has been poured into the 330 Scandinavia.

The designers consulted with the dealer network and existing Marex owners to hone this product and the evidence of that is seen across the boat with the likes of the side door and solar panels. Practical additions that make the boat easier to live with.

That is the key takeaway from the 330, it's such an easy boat to live with. Easy to drive, easy to care for, easy to clean and easy to lock up and leave. If you use your boat a lot then this makes all the difference. 

Yes, it's expensive but the price is justified by its build quality and the brilliant bits of design that jump out all over this craft. Ultimately, 330 Scandinavia is a boat built for real by real boaters, and that is what makes it so special. 

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