29 Aug 2023

New Najad 451 CC


Traveling the world is the adventure of a lifetime. To do that in comfort and with a boat that is safe and secure will make it a joy.

With over 2000 high quality yachts produced since the early 1970s we have refined our formula for decades. We are a boutique for exclusive and elegant sailing yachts and have always produced yachts with superior quality. With the Najad 451 CC we have taken our obsession for detail to the next level; from the clean and flush deck, to the long elegant window line including the integrated engine ventilation, to the superior handcrafted interior.

The new Najad 451 CC is a unique yacht in her class. For a 45-foot cruiser she is very efficient in the water and responsive at helm. This is of course in line with what you expect from a real Najad. We firmly believe that travelling the globe on an elegant yacht will give you an indescribably unique feeling.

Welcome to the Najad Way of Life and the Najad 451 CC.

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